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Burn Permit Information

May contain: person

Burn permits are available: 

A Residential Burn Permit is required for a burn pile during fire season to burn debris that has originated from your property. Fire season is typically May 1st to October/November depending weather and fire conditions. Residential Burn Permits can be obtained from Pioneer Fire Station #38 during business hours.

Terms of a Residential Burn Permit

  • The permit will be valid for three fire seasons.
  • You must call the burn information line at (530) 621-5897 immediately prior to burning, even during winter months. Burn restrictions can change throughout the day.
  • Maximum pile size is 4 foot diameter.
  • The area within 10 feet of the outer edge of the pile is maintained free and clear of all flammable material and vegetation.
  • Responsible person in attendance with shovel until fire is dead out.
  • Water supply at burning site.
  • No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly wind) are such that burning can be considered safe.

Violations of any burning permit terms are a violation of California State law. (Public Resources Code 4421, 4422, 4423, and 4425)

Health & Safety Code 13009 states that persons who lose control of a permitted burn may be held liable for suppression costs.


May contain: person, man, adult, male, and cleaning


Other Types of Permits

  • Interagency Burning Permit – LE-5 – Required for landowners who burn larger than 4 x 4 burn piles or who burn on vacant land. Issued by Cal Fire, USFS or Air Quality Management.
  • Campfire Permit – LE-63 – Required for individuals that camp outside of improved campgrounds. Issued by Federal & State Wildland Fire Agencies