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Residential & Commercial Building Permits

Water Tank Requirements

Water Supplies for Suburban and Rural Fire Fighting 20201028 – EDCFPO – Amended and Adopted BOD 5-11-21 
PFPD Fire Water Supply Tank (FWST) Sign Approval Form 


Driveway Requirements

Addressing of Buildings 3-9-21 w-PFPD Additions 
Automatic Gates on fire access road. Std #B-002 
Emergency Access. Std #B-003 
Fire Department Access During Construction Std #G-001 
Fire Lane Parking Rules in HOA’s 


Building Code Requirements

Residential Building Site Guidelines – Revised March 2021 
  • Per California Building Codes
  • Access and Water Supply as required by Pioneer Fire Protection District (AHJ: Authority having jurisdiction.)


Fee Schedule

PFPD Fire & Life Safety inspection fees updated 10-21-21 


Building Plan Submittal Form

Building Plans Plan Check Process 
PFPD Plan Review Application